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Melissa, que ama viajar e conhecer diferentes comidas de rua, juntou seus dois amores no projeto de instagram “Girl eat World”. Nele, ela decidiu documentar sobremesas, bolos e petiscos maravilhosos que prova ao redor do mundo.

Separamos algumas das melhores fotos pra você conferir:

?? My middle eastern lunch in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert at Captain's Desert Camp! I think this is the perfect summary of what I had been having these past 8 days. On the left of the plate is all the usual suspects – olives, yogurt, hummus and mutabal (baba ganoush) – which we always have for lunch, breakfast and dinner everyday here. Roasted chicken and lamb skewer which is the popular meat of choice in the middle east – I haven't had beef or pork since I landed! The flatbread is called Arayes, which roasted and filled with spiced minced lamb. Wadi Rum (Valley of The Moon) is an impressive desert filled with sandstones that are taller than the some of the skyscrapers in Singapore. Due to the extreme terrain that makes it look extraterrestrial, it has been chosen as location set for many movies, most recently being The Martian in 2015 starring Matt Damon! #ShareYourJordan #VisitJordan #ShotOniPhone6sPlus

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?? Bucket list ☑️ The majestic Treasury at Petra, Jordan had been in my bucket list for a very long time and I'm ecstatic to cross it off today. The Treasury needs no introduction. If it looks familiar, you may have seen it in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade. Built around 200-300 BC through sandstone carving by the Nabateans, The Treasury has become the ultimate symbol of Jordan. It was absolutely magical to see this in person. These days not many things gives butterflies in my stomach with anticipation, but butterflies were definitely fluttering today as I walked down the 1.2km siq leading up to it. However The Treasury really is just a tiny fraction of what the rose city Petra has to offer. There are so much history to experience here, and the city is only 50% uncovered with much of the excavation and research done with the help of Brown University. This is a Za'atar and roasted sesame filled bread we got from a local bakery before heading into Petra. Za'atar is a well-loved herb here in the middle east. I was told you can most definitely expect to find Za'atar in every household in Jordan. The taste is tangy and very flavorful, making it an excellent pair for bread. #VisitJordan #ShareYourJordan #ShotOniPhone6sPlus Follow me on snapchat and facebook for more real time update! ▶️girleatworld◀️ on both platforms.

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Happy Monday! Missing this Hello Kitty donut at the organized chaos of the shibuya crossing in Tokyo ???. The Shibuya "scramble" crossing is well known for people watching and a must visit while in Tokyo. When the traffic lights turn red, pedestrians would pour out from all sides and meet in the middle of the intersection. I find it very calming to watch from afar. Also, Hachiko statue is in one of the corners of this intersection! — I've been spending some time re-learning Japanese through and I love it so much! To my fellow 日本語 learners, i highly recommend checking out @iknowjp to review your kanji, listening skills and vocabularies. It makes the learning process super fun compared to using flash cards! However, this app will not teach Japanese from scratch – you have to use this in conjunction of a text book since they do not teach you grammar. I wish apps like this existed when I was learning Japanese in college! You can also learn other language like Chinese and English for SAT learners #iKnowjp

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#girleatworld (or#boyeatworld) by @utosh – one of my favorite instagrammers! This is taken at Stonehenge, a prehistoric rock formation located just a few hours outside London, UK ??. Not sure why I didn't take any pics when I visited last year! Anyways, it is believed this stone circle dated back to 2000-3000 BC. While the history of Stonehenge is still a mystery, the ruins align with the sunrise / sunset during solstices. It's also not known how exactly people built this monument 5,000 years ago, demonstrating an impressive feat of engineering for its time. Stonehenge remains one of the most studied archaelogical feature in the world, and archeologists are still uncovering its secrets even today!

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??? Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I'm super excited to let you know Fat Tire Paris (@FatTireParis) is giving away a FREE TRIP TO PARIS FOR TWO. This includes flights, accommodation and custom itinerary with Fat Tire tours in the magical city of love! Contest ends on 30 September. ???Click the link in my bio for info! How do I know about Fat Tire tours? ? When I went on my europe trip two years ago, looong before #GirlEatWorld was born, I booked a day tour with Fat Tire tours to see the city of Berlin on a bike. I ended up enjoying the day so much that I came back the next day and did another half day tour with them. The best way to really experience a city is on a bike! Since then, I have been recommending this tour to my friends who visit Europe. I hope one of you gets the chance to experience the tour too ? #FatTireParisGiveAway #FatTireParis #sp

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